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The EU Youth Strategy seeks to encourage young people to participate in the democratic process and in society. Ways in which this is being achieved include:

  • developing mechanisms for engaging in dialogue with young people and facilitating their participation in the shaping of national policies
  • supporting youth organisations, including local and national youth councils;
  • promoting participation by under-represented groups of young people in politics, youth organisations, and other civil society organisations
  • supporting ways of 'learning to participate' from an early age

 The program was coordinated by the Spanish organization Oretania. We had the opportunity to learn from each other about good practices, adaptations (legislative, scientific and practical) and how other european organizations are working in order to facilitate the Youths accessibility in educational, economic (work) and social life/Full participation... Participated organizations: @progresssocietyin@oretaniacr@right challenge, @ccaluianu

@Grunden Sydöstra Skåne 

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